The Glenfinnan Viaduct

This wonderful piece of late Victorian construction is a site to behold. Completed in 1901 the viaduct was the first structure in the world to use at that time the new building material Mass Concrete. Over 100 feet in height and made up of 21 arches this viaduct is a beautiful piece of engineering and is a glorious sight.

The viaduct has now gained notoriety as it has been used in many of the the Harry Potter films.


Do you remember the "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" with the blue Ford Anglia flying around the engine and the viaduct?

St. Mary and St. Finnan church

Designed by Edward Welby Pugin, son of the better known Augustus Welby Pugin, designer of the House of Commons in London, the Church is open to visitors throughout the day. Of outstanding architectural merit, Fr. Donald MacDonald, uncle to Col. John A. MacDonald of Glenaladale, the last Laird to live in Glenfinnan House, built the Church. Inside the church there is a brass memorial plaque to Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Allegedly the only other church in the world to commemorate him is St. Peter's in Rome. The bell for the church is situated on the adjacent green due to funds having run out before a bell tower could be built.

The church has stood on the site for over 140 years but due to its lovely, open location, dampness has affected the fabric and plaster work.. The elements of wind, rain, snow and ice have gained the upper hand over the years.  There is an appeal for funds and support to help maintain this important building. All help is greatly appreciated. For further details please click here

With the new laws of Scotland allowing individuals to marry at any location, within reason, you could confirm your marriage vows -  on board MV Sileas, or at the railway station or even at the top of the National Trust Monument!

Please contact the location and ask.

The Glenfinnan Gathering 1946...

Located in what many consider as one of the finest natural settings for any Highland games, the "Glenfinnan Gathering" has met every year since 1946 on the saturday closest to the 19th August. Why the 19th? This was the date, in 1745 (Monday to be precise), that Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his 'Royal Standard ' and claimed the Scottish and the English thrones in the name of his father James Stuart. Why 1946? This was the bicentenary of the raising of the standard .


It is known as the Gathering as this was the spot where Bonnie Prince Charlie waited for the gathering of the supporting clans before he marched south to claim his throne in London. It is well recorded he marched as far as Derby before his Generals advised him to return home. Who knows what might have happened if he had continued, as London was in turmoil, the Government army was in disarray, Londoners were removing there money from the banks...


It all ended on the bloody fields of Culloden near Inverness in 1746. British troops under the command of the Duke of Cumberland, known after as 'Butcher' Cumberland for his merciless approach to quashing the Jacobite rebellion, routed the Jacobite army. Between 1,500 and 2,000 Jacobites were killed or wounded in the brief battle, while Cumberland's army had 50 dead and 259 wounded.


The 'Gathering' today takes you back to the atmosphere of 1745. A friendly welcome, a sense of pride, good natured competition and the skirl of the pipes. It is a unique games and one that should not be missed.


If you wish to find out what is happening with the games click this ‚Äč  to link on to the Glenfinnan Gathering Face book page.